You went sledding, built a snowman, made an igloo — now what? If you're looking for ways to make the most of out of today's winter storm at Walton Heights in Altoona, we have a few ideas!

1) Make a fort. Call upon your inner child to construct an epic pillow fort in your living room. Pretend that your fort is a tent and "camp out" in front of the TV. Hang some string lights as your starry night sky. Don't forget to make microwave s'mores!
2) Bring the snow indoors. If your kids are insisting on playing in the snow, but they've grown tired of the cold, bring the snow inside! Fill a large plastic bin with snow, place it upon a towel in the kitchen, and let them have at it!
3) Cuddle up. A snow day is the perfect excuse to reconnect with your family and friends (and binge-watch a few movies!). Snuggle up on the couch and treat yourself to a little screen time.