Investment Strategy

Berger Communities is a full service Real Estate Company that currently owns and manages over 9,000 apartments in PA, DE, and MD. Founded in 1972, Berger has maintained a positive 40+ year track record through multiple real estate cycles. Headquartered in Wayne, PA, the company currently employs over 300 corporate, field, and site staff.

Acquisitions &


As long-term “generational” holders of real estate, selecting the right property is a critical step in Berger Communities’ investment strategy. Typical assets meet the criteria of conventional multi-family dwellings containing 75 apartments or more in B/C class markets where the asset itself is below the market average or comparable with the potential to reposition the asset to a stronger position within the market. In order to maintain the high level of oversight and involvement from the executive team at each of the properties, the company focuses on locations that are within driving distance of the corporate office, which is in Wayne, PA.

Company Goals &

Portfolio Growth

Berger Communities experienced significant growth over the past several years. Their focus is on a variety of unique attributes which set the company apart from its competing organizations. These practices are deliberate with the primary intention of maintaining the presence of a company that clients genuinely want to do business with and that employees want to work for.

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