be hard®

be hard®

be hard®

be hard®

At Berger Communities we believe that renting shouldn’t be hard®. We do things differently to provide you with an easy experience from the second you start searching for your new apartment.

renting shouldn’t be hard®

At Berger Communities, we do things differently:

Transfer Flexibility

You can transfer to another size apartment, or another Berger community and restart your lease at any point in your residency without paying a transfer fee.

Pet Friendly No Weight Limits

You are free to bring pets of any weight.

Convenient Relocation

You can break your lease for job transfers more than 50 miles, military service, and hospice care, and you won’t need to pay us a lease-break fee.

Furniture Discounts

You’ll receive discounts to buy or rent furniture through our partnerships with CORT Furniture and IFR.

30-Day Guarantee

You can try out your apartment for 30 days and if we haven’t delivered full satisfaction you are free to give us 30 days’ notice in that period and you won’t need to pay a lease-break fee.

Virtual Tours

You can navigate an apartment online or through a live video tour.

Full Quality Move-in Inspection

You will move into an apartment that has been inspected by our leasing and service team members for full quality.

Smart Home Technology

You can enjoy smart home technology in your apartment, including locks, thermostats, and lighting.

24/7 Phone Support

You will always have someone available to take your call for service requests to your apartment.

Online Leasing and Service Requests

You can easily find, apply for, lease and request service to your apartment online.

Automatic Payments

You can schedule rent payments on a reoccurring basis.

Not all amenities are located at every location. Please refer to the lease agreement or contact our offices for full details.


But not at Berger Communities

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