Even though Cookie Dope just opened in March, it hasn't taken long for its edible cookie dough to gain popularity. Many days, the kitchen whips up as much as 80 pounds of fresh cookie dough to dish out by the scoop or by the pint, in cones or cookie form. It's definitely worth the short trip from Audubon Manor Apartments.

Want to try a straight scoop of the edible cookie dough? Order a cup of the Chocolate Chip Trip, the chocolaty Rowdy Brownie, or the vegan Peach Cobbler or Slammin' Snickerdoodle. You can pair a scoop of cookie dough with a scoop of locally sourced chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream from Kreider Farms. Craving something more decadent? Treat yourself to a thick cookie dough milkshake or a waffle sandwich stuffed with cookie dough or ice cream. You can also take home some of the cookie dough and bake it into traditional cookies for your next potluck.

Public Domain/Pixabay/RichardJohn