When you need to make a run for essentials, the Wegmans near Lakeview Apartments certainly makes the process simple. It’s not just a grocery store, but also a beer and wine shop, a florist, a pizzeria, and much more. And with grocery delivery and curbside pickup available via Instacart, you don’t even have to step foot inside the store to stock up on anything you may need.

If it’s a mix of fresh and shelf-stable groceries you’re seeking, Wegmans boasts a huge variety. The store is divided into two sections, one that’s more like a gourmet food shop with specialty and organic groceries, and another stocked with affordable store-brand and traditional foods. The produce section offers a mix of organic and conventional foods. If you’re in the market for a fully prepared dinner, order a pie from the pizza shop, hit the salad bar, or pick up a few subs. You can also grab wine and beer at Wegmans, not to mention prescription medications at the in-store pharmacy.