When John Dimakopoulos moved from his native Greece to State College in 1966, he was taking a big leap of faith. Driven by the promise of the quintessential American Dream, Dimakopoulos opened his first restaurant in 1972, the Dimakas Steak and Waffle Shop. Initially, its claim to local fame was the A-frame-shaped building in which it resided on North Atherton, but it wasn't long before the food was the topic of customer conversations. As the brunch fare started to outshine the dinner menu, Dimakopoulos decided to focus in on his signature waffles and rebranded as the Original Waffle Shop. The Original Waffle Shop eventually moved to a larger location—one that happens to be about a mile from Vairo Village—where you can still enjoy its comfort food today.

Of course, the waffles are really the main event at this popular brunch spot. You can order yours stuffed with toasted Georgia pecans, topped with an apple-cinnamon combination and whipped cream, or served with a side of bacon. The Original Waffle Shop also boasts a lineup of other breakfast favorites, from fluffy buttermilk pancakes to overstuffed omelets, plus lunch eats like burgers, salads, and sandwiches.