The Giant near Audubon Manor Apartments has everything you could want from a grocery store and then some. It boasts an on-site pharmacy, a bakery, a flower shop. There’s even a sushi chef working behind the seafood counter, crafting ocean-fresh creations for customers. That’s not to mention the coffee shop where you can grab a fresh cup of joe on your way out.

The next time you need to restock your kitchen, head to Giant to quickly check every item off your list. It showcases fresh fruits and veggies in the produce section, and many of them are locally grown or organic. Nearby, you’ll find fresh meats and seafood, as well as dairy, dairy alternatives, and eggs. The aisles play host to dry goods like pasta, rice, snacks, and soda, as well as household items and toiletries. And don’t forget to grab some frozen items to keep on hand—maybe including a pint of ice cream or two.