Imagine relaxing and healing your body simultaneously. Now imagine that rejuvenation all day long! Southampton Spa invites guests to experience the proven health benefits of authentic Russian and Turkish baths. 

Southampton Spa merges the ancient wellness experience of the Russian and Turkish baths with a uniquely modern 12,000-square-foot facility to bring their guests a timeless retreat. Leave watches at home, decompress, and purify for as long as you need. 

So unique, it’s only one of ten spas of its kind in the United States. A spa where stress reduction isn’t a luxury, it’s a way of life. Melt cares away in this comfortable, exquisite facility where time doesn’t matter. 

Donned in a bathing suit and cozy robe, work the body from the inside out by barely moving a muscle. Treat the body to a Russian Bath, muscles to a massage, then senses and spirit to the relaxing joy of aromatherapy. Move from cleansing humid heat to a cooling plunge pool. Relax and indulge in the semi-private lounge, juice bar, or restaurant. 

The experience is always in the hands of the guests- the hours are limitless and the benefits are unequivocal.