Brittany Reed and Emily Pisano care about crafting a better handbag. That's why they oversee every painstaking step of the process at Tesoro and ensure that the finished product caters to their customers. Come to their flagship handbag store in West Chester, not far from Goshen Terrace, to see these women in action.

You might catch Brittany actually cutting and stitching together a leather handbag, which offers versatility in the form of removable straps and the option to turn it inside out. Whatever the duo can't do in-store, they entrust to a company in Lancaster who sources all of its leather domestically—from companies where workers are treated fairly and leather is obtained as sustainably as possible. Once the bags are in the shop, Brittany and Emily enlist the help of other local lady bosses to style and photograph their pieces as part of a commitment to building up other female entrepreneurs and artists. Come into the shop to see these lavish bags firsthand—and maybe treat yourself to a gift.