Penn State has a lot more to offer than just football! The Arboretum at Penn State provides one of the area’s most appealing nature-focused experiences. The recent Avian Education Program Bird Walks, for example, allowed small groups of visitors to join Professor Margaret Brittingham in watching and learning about our local feathered friends. 

Another key natural feature is the Arboretum’s extensive garden space. From the Display Garden’s “quilt of color”: to the peaceful Oasis Garden and Lotus Pool, you’re sure to find an outdoor space that appeals to you. Given the Arboretum’s focus on promoting education around flora and fauna, it’s no surprise that their informational events are of particular interest. But, even without a specific occasion, visiting the H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens and other natural areas is an experience you won’t want to miss near Vairo Village

Because the Arboretum is open to the public free of charge, it makes for a particularly budget-friendly place to embrace the calmness and natural beauty. You can even check out their webcam stream for a digital version of the experience—nothing is more budget-friendly than staying on your couch!