Santorini Gyro lives up to the promise implicit in its name—that is, that the food is just as good as the stuff you'd find on the Greek island of Santorini. One customer who's actually visited the restaurant's namesake can vouch for that. In his glowing review of the new eatery, which debuted in February, he says that the gyro closely mimics the authentic fare he enjoyed on Santorini many years ago.

Since Santorini Gyro is just a short trip from Village Square, stop by to taste the traditional Greek food for yourself. Of course, the gyros are the main event. Order yours stuffed with the classic lamb (if it hasn't already sold out) or try the equally popular chicken or pork gyros. They come tucked inside of warm, soft pita bread and loaded with all of the fixings you'd expect—plus crispy fries.