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If you're constantly looking for ways to up your interior design game, but you're also on a budget, you still have plenty of options. For those who are avid DIY-ers, there are even more ways you can spruce up your living space. Here are just three ideas to get you started redesigning your bedroom. 
  1. Add a simple accent piece. From a new lamp to a cool print you find at the thrift store or antiques shop, adding just one new piece to your bedroom can make all the difference. Secondhand stores are a good place to score cheap accents, but you can also look online for a colorful graphic print and throw a cool frame around it to bring an element of fun to your room.
  2. Reupholster throw pillows. If you're at all skilled with a needle and thread, you can craft new cases for your throw pillows on the cheap. Find a fabric you like at your local craft store and look online for a simple pattern for your new pillowcase. You might be surprised by what a difference a new pattern can make in your bedroom.
  3. DIY a new set of curtains. Another simple way to update your bedroom is to sew some new curtains. A quick glance at Pinterest will show you that you don't even need to buy fabric for curtains; scour local thrift stores for vintage scarves and piece them together to create cute, trendy curtains. You can hang them easily on tension rods.

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