If you’re looking for authentic Asian ingredients, you go to the Asian Centre Supermarket. If you’re looking for authentic Asian food, no assembly required, you go to Chili Szechuan—which is conveniently located inside of the aforementioned market, not far from Creekside South Apartments.

The takeout counter opened a few weeks ago for delivery and contactless pickup with some limited seating also available. Customers already have some favorite dishes, like the braised beef noodle soup, the tea-smoked duck, and the cucumber salad infused with mashed garlic. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more familiar, other popular dishes include the egg drop soup and the sweet-and-sour chicken. When you want something extra spicy, anything smothered in the Szechuan-style sauce should do the trick. Tofu, pork, chicken, and lamb are just a few of the potential options.