Not only can roommates help make renting more affordable, they also come with the promise of something that you can't put a dollar amount on: friendship! That's not imply that finding your ideal match is easy, however. It'll take a little bit of research and due diligence on your part. Follow these tips to help make the process a little easier.

  • Start by asking around within your network. Ask friends and family members if they know of anyone in search of a roommate. They might be able to suggest someone who'd be a good match for your personality and stage of life.
  • Try to be honest with yourself. If you prefer peace and quiet, you probably won't be happy rooming with someone who's very extroverted.
  • Don't judge someone based on what you find on their Facebook or Instagram pages. Try to get to know your roommate before making any assumptions about them.
  • Set boundaries. Decide if you are going to share or if your food is off limits, and come to an agreement about chores.
  • Accept your roommate for who he or she is. Open communication is the best way to get along with someone you are sharing space with. And remember: Compromise is the key to living comfortably with another person!

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