Maxx Sushi and Ramen is so new that it’s not actually serving sushi yet—that will come when the full menu is unveiled later this summer. But so far, customers aren’t complaining about the abbreviated version, which contains a variety of starters and delicious ramen bowls. Since it opened in May near Highwoods at Toftrees, Maxx has already racked up a few rave reviews.

The restaurant brings authentic, high-quality ramen to an area that previously only had a handful of generic spots. The chef here crafts complex, flavorful bowls of noodle soup such as the beef curry ramen, embellished with green onions and half a soft-boiled egg, and the tom yum ramen, a classic dish. If you like a bit of heat, try the spicy miso ramen instead. Round out your meal with a few smaller bites, such as the seaweed salad, the fried octopus skewers, or the pork gyoza.