Not an interior decorator? No problem! You can still transform your rental space into the stylish, cozy home of your dreams. With these simple and savvy tips, anyone can learn to decorate like a professional.

  1. Measure, measure and measure again. Before purchasing new furniture or even adding a rug, you'll want to measure the space. Even if you think that you have a pretty good idea about the room you're working with, nothing can ruin your plans more than a too-big sofa or a too-small area rug.
  2. Decide on a color scheme. While you don't have to choose one specific color and use it for everything in a room, you should have some idea of a color scheme. You can choose something simple, like calming beige, or something a bit more elaborate, like a mish-mash of lime green, pink and white.
  3. Don't be afraid of pattern… If your decor is looking a bit one-dimensional, try adding some fun prints and patterns to break things up. Add an elaborate throw pillow or a fun chair to get started.
  4. …Or texture. The same goes for texture when it comes to cozying up a space. Try a plush throw blanket or a fur-covered cushion.
  5. Add some personality. One last tip that designers always employ is the use of a personal touch. There are stylish ways to add your own family photos or collectible knick-knacks, it just takes a great base to really show them off.