Every year, the Bloomsburg Fair attracts a bigger and bigger crowd. Last year, it drew more than 400,000 guests to the Bloomsburg Fair Grounds. Expect to encounter an even more impressive turnout when the Bloomsburg Fair returns to the fairground this year from September 21st to the 28th, not far from Lions Gate Apartments.

Like every year, the fair promises a huge lineup of entertainment. It boasts many exhibits spanning all different subjects, from a barnyard animal petting zoo to booths helmed by local artisans and craftspeople selling their handiworks. The fair also hosts live shows and events, like headlining concerts by Daughtry, Melissa Etheridge, and Rick Springfield, to name just a few. Food, music, and fun all await at the Bloomsburg Fair. Single general admission tickets are $7, but the headlining concerts require a show-specific ticket.