Stroud Preserve takes its name from Dr. Morris Stroud, the man who generously donated his 332-acre farm to Natural Lands back in 1990. In the intervening decades, other donations have added to the preserve, which now boasts 571 acres of untouchable land. Comprised of woodlands, grasslands, and former farmlands, Stroud Preserve is a great place to escape in West Chester, and it’s not far from The Greentree Building.

The next time you want to go for a winter hike, head to Stroud Preserve for a long, leisurely stroll. It’s home to nine miles of trails. Along the way, you’ll probably stumble upon some pieces of local history. You might also pass the Stroud Water Research Center, where groundbreaking research into streams and rivers continues to this day—thanks to Dr. Stroud, who specified that his donation was contingent upon this research being allowed to happen. In the warmer months, you can also go canoeing or kayaking at Stroud Preserve.