District Thai's team will happily deliver hot food right to your door at Ribbon Place Apartments, but you might want to make the short trip to enjoy a meal in its bright dining room. This isn't your average takeout eatery. Its spacious dining room features vaulted ceilings, flower-topped tables, and an industrial-chic mix of wood and iron throughout the decor.

Whether you dine here or at home, don't skip the appetizers. District Thai boasts a long list of small bites, from chicken satay to crispy Thai salmon rolls. For the main course, try one of the signature curries. The red curry with Asian pumpkin features bell pepper, fresh basil, and your choice of meat. Or dig into the seafood pad cha, a mix of shrimp, squid, scallops, and mussels, all stir-fried with veggies and dressed in a basil-soybean sauce. Save room for a sweet treat like the mango and sticky rice or the crispy fried banana.

Public Domain/Pixabay/huahommag