Renter's insurance is one of the best investments you can make to protect your belongings. Don't think you need it? Take a quick look around your apartment and ask yourself this: If you lost all of your belongings tomorrow, would you have the funds available to replace them? Read on for a few more reasons to buy renter's insurance.

  • Renter's insurance offers person liability insurance, which protects you in the event that you're held responsible for an injury to another person or for damage to another person's property. It could be a financial lifesaver.
  • The insurance offers protection in case of power surges, water damage, fire, vandalism, theft, and many other events beyond your control.
  • If you are displaced or unable to stay at your apartment, the insurance will help you pay for a place to stay while it's fixed up.
  • You can get renter's insurance from any insurance provider. A lot of companies will often offer discounts on bundling.
  • Renter's insurance is relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the value of the assets you're protecting!

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