If you're a sentimental person who has a hard time tossing out unused items, it may seem difficult to de-clutter your rental. It's important to only hold on to the items that really mean something to you or serve a purpose, however, and these helpful tips will show you how to finally take control of your unnecessary clutter.

  1. Work room by room. Instead of cleaning your whole home at once, break it off into separate rooms. This way, you can give each room your undivided attention without tearing apart your entire home in the process.
  2. Separate items into bins. Before you begin cleaning, find three large bins that you can use to organize your belongings. Mark one the "keep" bin, one the "donate" bin, and one the "toss" bin. This also makes it easy to bring a load over to a local donation facility once you're finished cleaning.
  3. Use the six-month rule. If you're unsure about a certain item, ask yourself if you've used it in the past six months. As a general rule, anything that you haven't reached for in half of a year should be tossed or donated.
  4. Put items back in a smarter way than before. Once you get rid of all of your unused or unwanted items, put back the items that you're keeping in an organized way. Invest in new drawer dividers, add new shelves in your closet, and think of how you can organize your items in a way that works better for your lifestyle.