Pats Select Pizza made its Warrington debut in April just a stone’s throw from Madison Court Apartments, and it’s already racking up the rave review from customers. They love its chic-but-casual setting, which artfully mixes natural elements and pops of bright orange, as well as the gourmet pies that come from the kitchen.

If you want pizza as your appetizer to more pizza, you can start with one of the lighter flatbreads. The veggie flatbread comes loaded with roasted vegetables, mozzarella and goat cheese, and drizzles of basil oil and balsamic glaze. For the main course, tear into a larger specialty pie, such as the signature bacon truffle. The chef tops a crispy, rectangular crust with white truffle paste, fresh mozzarella, baby kale leaves, and applewood-smoked bacon. Other pizza options include barbecue chicken, stuffed steak, or your own customized creation like a simple pepperoni pie.