Chicken lovers, take note! There’s now a new spot to grab a meal near Creekside North Apartments. Blazin’ J’s recently opened its doors on East King Street with Nashville-inspired spicy chicken sandwiches that customers say blow all other competitors out of the water.

That’s probably because the kitchen team carefully crafts each chicken sandwich by hand, starting with fresh poultry which they encapsulate in a crispy, fiery batter. They deep-fry the entire thing, add pickles and cheese (if you want), and then stuff the bird inside of a pillowy brioche bun. Tear into your chicken sandwich with some of the spice-dusted fries on the side—and don’t forget the house-made ranch dressing for dipping! If you want your fried chicken over waffles instead, Blazin’ J’s can oblige with a few waffles fresh from the iron.