Explore a haunted house and visit Spook Haven for a night of scary fun near Diamond Pointe! You can come throughout the month of October over the weekend on a Friday or Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. You’ll have the option of one or two walk-through attractions to go through that are known as WhisperCreek Manor and The Unknown.

In Whisper Creek, you’ll be stepping through an abandoned old mansion and hear tales of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, as the myth goes, who once resided there with a Gremlin causing trouble for them. As for The Unknown, you’ll be surrounded by creepy crawlies, including spiders, with the possibility of scary nuns popping out as you go through the spooky church. 

While you wander through these haunted houses, it will be dimly lit with actors inside, ready to get you spooked and excited as you hear creepy stories and see frightening scenes unfold in front of your eyes. Come, if you dare, for a few hours of chilling entertainment that might leave you sleeping with one eye open.