Join the leagues of Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man, and the works by becoming a superhero! Discover your own city of Lancaster in a whole new way. Through Mysteries on the Move: Scavenger Hunt in Lancaster, PA the city of your incredible 10 Prince Apartment home. 

This event is a self-guided tour of Historic Lancaster. Learn more about and explore your city in a way you have never before. Immerse yourself in the world of comics and become the star that you are! Gain your powers, meet kooky characters, and fight bad guys, all while learning about your city! 

Use your smartphone and play at your own pace as you will visit and venture to several historic sites and will gather clues along the way. This is a fantastic family-fun opportunity that will be great fun while checking out the sites. Your entire family- or friends- can all play with only one purchase. 

At every stop, you and your party will search for a passcode to open up your next set of clues by reading readily accessible and free historical makers. This walk will visit nine stops of historical significance, at which point you will assemble your clues, submit your response, and find out the solution!