At Yorkholo Brewing Company, "locally sourced" means something. The majority of the ingredients in each dish come from towns within a one-hour drive of Mansfield. The ground beef and pork chops hail from Milky Way Farms in Troy. The honey comes from Draper's Bees in Millerton. The sausage and hot dogs are raised at Hillstone Farms in neighboring Wellsboro. The rolls and bread are shipped from Lycoming Bakery in Williamsport. So chances are, if you ask your server where a component of your dish came from, he or she will be able to tell you its exact origins.

But the food is really only half of the equation at Yorkholo Brewing Company. As its name suggests, the restaurant doubles as a brewery. The house-brewed beers range from Belgian-style ales to American and English ales, like the PA Grand Canyon Vanilla Porter and the Mountaineer India Pale Ale. The beer list also includes seasonal suds and PA Wilds Ales, which are brewed using a yeast indigenous to the PA Wilds region (near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon) and unexpected ingredients like dandelions. Why not join some friends from Commons at Mansfield and stop by the spot this week?