Looking for something spooky to do this Halloween? Climb aboard a “Horrifying Hayride,” visit the “Chamber of Horrors,” or fight your way out of the “Zombie Apocalypse.” These are a few of the haunted experiences awaiting you at Jason’s Woods, which is only a short trip from Creekside North Apartments.

Jason’s Woods consists of five different spooky attractions—also including the “Carnival of Fear” and “Lost in Jason’s Woods.” The high-tech Horrifying Hayride takes you on an adventure that includes a volcanic eruption and a chainsaw-wielding psychopath. Meanwhile, in the Chamber of Horrors, bloodcurdling special effects will send a chill down your spine, and in Jason’s Woods (which is entirely outside), you’ll have to escape a serial killer by following the Lost Trail directly through the danger. Timed tickets start at $25, and social-distancing and face masks are required anywhere on the property.