For many, resolutions are centered around health and wellness. This could mean choosing products that are good for both the environment and your body. It’s easier to find products like this when you’re shopping locally at a spot like the Sunrise Soap Company. This spot near Ribbon Place in York, PA, has been a staple for beauty and bath products for over 10 years, with trusted patrons everywhere. So if you haven’t uncovered it quite yet, now is the time!

They have three locations, one in Downtown York on Beaver Street, one in Eastern Market on Memory Lane, and one in Gettysburg. Pop in or shop online. Don’t have time to pop in? You can also find it at some Whole Foods, which they list on their site! What you’ll find is a whole lot of all-natural soaps, lotions, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioners, and more. They even have fun DIY kits that you can purchase to make your own soaps at home. It’s a fun project for a chilly winter day when you don’t want to leave your apartment. Check it out and start treating yourself to locally made products that suit your health and wellness goals!