A family-owned business, Spaz Beverage has your drinks needs covered! Located in West Chester, not far from The Greentree Building, they sell anything from beer to sodas, energy drinks, snack food, and tobacco. It makes for a great trip over if you want to pick up a six-pack of Bud Light for yourself or purchase a few bags of potato chips and Coke soda for a party.

“Spaz has a very wide selection of beer and other beverages,” says a Yelp Review customer. “The staff is very knowledgeable and always eager to help.” Upon arrival, find liquor ranging from domestic and imported to craft beers and hard ciders. A few of the brands you’ll see in the large, roomy store include Miller, Coors Light, Blue Moon, Red Hook, and Stella Artois Cider. Some of the non-alcoholic items they sell are Red Bull energy drinks, Dr Pepper soda, Snapple teas, and Herr’s popcorn. If you don’t see a specific alcohol drink or item you are looking for, let an employee know, and they’ll help you search for it and see if it’s in stock.

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