Omiza made its Doylestown debut at the end of the summer, and it’s been winning rave reviews from customers ever since. Whether they sit in the well-ventilated dining area, grab a spot out under the open-air canopy, or pick up food to take home, they say the experience (and the pan-Asian cuisine) is top-notch.

Make the short drive from Dublin Village Apartments to Omiza and try a few of the small plates—especially the Kochi, which are skewers of eclectic meats and veggies. Order a round of rib eye satay, tofu and asparagus, and chicken yakitori skewers to complement crispy fried Brussels sprouts and honey-miso baby bok choy. For the main course, enjoy rice and noodle dishes like the signature Omiza soba with ginger-scallion sauce or try Korean barbecue. You actually get to cook your own pork belly or galbi short rib on a tabletop grill.