When you live with roommates, the most difficult decisions are always based around money; rent, groceries, shared goods, and anything else that could be split between multiple people. Having someone take charge and split the bills is also critical but it can be time consuming. Thankfully we live in a time period where technology dominates every task we have to do. Below are a few apps that might make dealing with financial decisions between roommates easier:

  • Splitwise – This app works on both iPhone and android, Splitwise makes it easy to split bills between friends and family. It organizes all shared expenses and IOUs in one place so that everyone can see to whom and what they owe. It displays custom made groups to share bills and activity within those groups all in one place. Anyone can add the balance for a given bill or item they’ve taken care of, and it’ll automatically divide and notify the rest of the house who owes what and to whom. You can register your credit card to the app or sign up through Paypal.


  • Cozi- This app is designed to make it easier to manage everything roommates have to do. Even when schedules change, Cozi is there making sure all the schedule changes fit together at the end of the day. This is great between roommates who have conflicting schedules because the color coded items are based on plans so you can see what everyone is doing sorted out by color. Cozi also has a list feature that lets roommates create a list of things to do, grocery lists, or dinner options. 


  • Our Groceries – This app is the future of grocery shopping.  Our Groceries is a user friendly app that will let you and your roommates share a grocery list so whoever is at the store can tack on an item. This user friendly app can let you and your roommates drag, drop, cross off, remove, or add any item on your list. You will never have to worry about what is running low or forgetting an item if you share this app with your roommates.