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Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park has an interesting origin story, one that begins in 2012. That was when Lancaster resident Angela and dog Beau won a national contest that awarded their city a major makeover of one local dog park. Buchanan Park was awarded the honor, and $500,000 went into making this dog park near 10 Prince Apartments something special.

It has the typical small- and large-canine areas that you’d expect to see at a dog park, but have you ever seen a tree that launches tennis balls to eagerly awaiting pups? Because Beau’s Dream Dog Park has one for the bigger pooches. It’s also home to a doxie tunnel that small dogs can trot through, and splash pads for everyone. It’s free to bring your pup to this tricked-out park, so it’s a good place to spend a nice afternoon!