Susquehanna Outdoor Adventures takes guests across the water via kayak or ferry to its own private island in the heart of the river, a quiet oasis complete with 10 miles of hiking trails, campgrounds, and even a rental cabin. The outdoorsy escape sits just a short drive from Lions Gate Apartments, so it’s worth exploring on your next free weekend.

If you have your own boat or canoe, feel free to make the trek to the island by yourself and do a bit of hiking. If you don’t, rent a kayak or hop the ferry to get over to the island. Bring your own tent and claim one of the campsites, which are spaced out all across the island, or rent the cabin if you’re looking for a more comfortable weekend in nature. The staff at Susquehanna Outdoor Adventures can also provide you with everything you need for a weekend of roughing it, right down to a cooler full of drinks and food.