Blooming daffodils. Lush green lawns. Tree-lined walking paths. What more could you want in a local park? Manor Township Community Park, located near Millers Crossing, boasts all of these features and more. The picturesque park in Lancaster County provides the perfect backdrop for a springtime picnic.

So pack a basket with sandwiches and finger foods, and head to the park. Before you spread out a picnic blanket on the sprawling grass, go for a stroll around the walking loop, which measures almost a half-mile (a bit more, depending on where you park). On a sunny afternoon, cap off your picnic with a round of volleyball on the pair of sandy courts or let the little ones zip around the playground, enjoying its see-saw, slides, and swings. Manor Township Community Park has everything you need to embrace the spring season.

Public Domain/Pixbay/ADD