Apart from churning it yourself here at Willowbrook Apartments, Just Homemade Ice Cream is about as close as you can get to fresh ice cream. The staff makes everything from scratch daily, just as they have since 1984. It’s a big job since Just Homemade Ice Cream keeps more than 40 flavors in its daily rotation (100-plus if you factor in seasonal flavors).

Stop by to grab a cone piled high with your favorite flavor, maybe something simple like chocolate chip or vanilla. If you want to try a new treat, opt for a cup of brownie cake batter, cookie monster, or teaberry ice cream. The shop is even bringing the holiday vibes with its pumpkin pie and eggnog ice creams right now. Regardless of the flavor you choose, don’t skip the toppings! Just Homemade Ice Cream offers everything from fresh berries to chocolate syrup.