Bring it on, Old Man Winter! Snow days are the best days with these tips for upping your apartment's cozy factor. Now where did we put our slippers…?

  • Candles. Is there anything cozier than a home filled with flickering candles? This is an easy and affordable way to add some style and warmth to every room. Choose candles in universally loved winter scents like vanilla or cinnamon, or if you just want the glow without the scent, invest in some simple, unscented tea lights.
  • Throw blankets and pillows. Add some texture to your living room or bedroom by investing in throw pillows and blankets in materials like faux fur, knit, or flannel. Mix and match textures by choosing a variety of pillows in coordinating colors and patterns, or simply drape a plush throw over an armchair or ottoman so that you can easily snuggle up on your next movie night.
  • Stovetop potpourri. Make your own stovetop potpourri the next time you have guests over this winter. Simply boil a pot of water and toss in cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange slices, and any other great smelling ingredients of your choosing. Let the concoction simmer on low heat to release a cozy scent that fills your home.
  • Put your kitchen to use! While warm weather is all about dining al fresco, winter means warm, hearty meals at home. Bake a big batch of cookies or make your own homemade popcorn to add a delicious smell (and provide guests with tasty snacks) for your next evening in.