How to Make Your Bed — the Interior-Designer Way!

How to Make Your Bed — the Interior-Designer Way!

Want your bed to have the look of a posh hotel? It's actually easy to achieve. All you really need to make a beautifully made bed is a quality mattress, a cotton fitted sheet, a duvet cover or comforter, two pillowcases and shams, and, of course, a little designer know-how. Follow these simple steps to create a bed that'll look like it came right out of a magazine!

  1. Start out with a comfortable, good quality mattress, as this is crucial to your sleep. Cover the mattress with a think mattress pad or plush featherbed for some added comfort and luxury.
  2. Place your fitted sheet over your mattress by pulling the elastic corners of the sheet over top of each corner of the mattress.
  3. Next, place your flat sheet with the finished or patterned side facing down. Make hospital corners on each corner of your bed for a classic, crisp look. You’ll then neatly fold over the top of the sheet.
  4. Put your duvet cover on your comforter and fold it down at the foot of your bed to create a layered look.
  5. Finish your bed by layering all of your pillows. Start by matching two pairs of shams with your duvet cover, then placing your sleeping pillows to match your sheet set, and finally adding some decorative shams and throw pillows.

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Public Domain/Pixabay/ErikaWittlieb

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