Some people prefer to see the Super Bowl on a big screen at the bar, but having a few friends over can be fun, too (especially since you won't have to wait in line for snacks and beer!). If you'll be hosting friends at your apartment on Sunday, here are a few tips to help ensure your viewing party goes down without any fumbles!

1) Angle the TV.
Strategically arrange your furniture so that everyone will have a clear sightline of the TV. That means you might have to rearrange a few things, or add a few folding chairs to your current seating arrangement. A few cushions and blankets on the floor can also work in a pinch.

2) Get festive.
Don't forget to decorate! Go to a party supply shop or the dollar store to stock up on football-themed supplies, like cups, plates, a disposable tablecloth — maybe even a few balloons! These little extras will help bring a little extra energy to your party.

3) Skip the seating arrangements.
Keep things casual and serve your food buffet-style. Be sure to position the buffet table away from the TV so that guests don't have to cross in front of the TV to refill on nachos! It's also a good idea to keep your food and drinks in different "stations" to avoid congestion in one area of your apartment.

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