Le Cavalier At The Green Room made its debut in the midst of an unusual time, so it’s only fitting that the cuisine would also be somewhat unusual, but in the very best way. The chef melds flavors from North Africa and Provence to create a completely new type of fare with many modern, unexpected twists.

The menu changes regularly to reflect the ingredients available locally throughout the year, so expect something a little different when you do dinner here. The eatery is currently offering both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as takeout and delivery directly to your doorstep at Chestnut Run Village. Start with a simple appetizer like the rolls with European butter and a dusting of sea salt, or go for something more opulent like the steak tartare with preserve citrus, endive, and tzatziki sauce. You could make a whole meal out of the “petit plats,” but you might want to save room for a larger entree like the moules frites, a dish of mussels swimming in Pernod, garlic, and shallots, plus crispy fries on the side.