You could easily forget you’re in the city when you step into Pennypack Park. Its name means “slow-moving water,” and that very natural element serves as the focal point of the park. Pennypack Creek winds lazily from Montgomery County all the way to the Delaware River, surrounded by a park that spans more than 1,600 acres. The city oasis might just be the perfect place to soak up the last days of summer.

Just a stone’s throw from Rolling Hills Apartments, Pennypack Park encompasses a variety of different landscapes throughout its sprawling acreage, a mix of woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and open fields. Go for a stroll along its paved and unpaved trails, and you might just stumble upon the Klein or Verree houses. They’re all that remains of the mills that once created flour, lumber, textiles, and tools using the power of Pennypack Creek.