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Bringing a bit of the outdoors in does more than just decorate your apartment; it adds a sense of calm that you can't really obtain any other way. That's why terrariums are becoming such trendy interior design elements. And you can build your own at home in just five simple steps.

  1. Gather your materials. You only need a handful of materials, most of which you can pick up at the gardening store or Target. The most important are your glass containers, which will dictate how big your terrarium can be. You'll also need potting charcoal, sand and soil, and, of course, your plants.
  2. Put down a layer of potting charcoal. To begin, lay down some potting charcoal. This will help keep your soil fresh if you intend to close the lid on your terrarium, which will keep the plants therein a vibrant green.
  3. Add rocks, sand, and soil. Next, layer some of your decorative pebbles or gravel on top of the charcoal. Top those rocks with a layer of white sand, and then add the actual nutrient-rich soil in which your plants will put down roots. 
  4. Put down the plants. For the final flourish, plant your terrarium greenery. Small plants can be extracted straight from their existing soil and tucked into a thin layer of soil in your terrarium. Some people add moss, too, for a forest-like aesthetic.
  5. Water. Your terrarium is now ready to display, but just do one more thing: water it one or two times per week. After all, you already went to the trouble of making it with your own two hands.

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