Corropolese Italian Bakery & Deli will mark its 100th anniversary soon! It’s been around since 1924, baking up family recipes at locations sprinkled around the Philadelphia area. The branch near Norris Hills Apartments continues to craft the same classic Italian eats—including the signature tomato pie.

Corropolese’s tomato pie comes in quarter-sheets for smaller crowds and full sheets for bigger get-togethers. You’re welcome to go with a classic tomato pie, but the bakery also boasts gourmet varieties like sweet pepper, pepperoni, and bruschetta tomato pies! Fresh loaves and bread and rolls are another signature offering, and they’re used to craft artisan sandwiches. If you have a sweet tooth, order one of the authentic Italian pastries, cakes, or pies from this beloved local shop. The bakery offers a new specialty cheesecake every month, from chocolate mousse to cookie dough.